Woman Drives 900 Miles Wrong Way Due To GPS Error

Samuel Reason - February 1st, 2020

There are plenty of horror stories out there of people who simply follow their GPS the wrong way and end up in the wrong location. Of course, there are some worst ones where they drove into a lake or ended up in the middle of the desert. However, the craziest story of them all is a 67-year-old woman who drove over 900 miles the wrong way. The crazy part is that her actual destination was only 90 miles away.


67-year-old Sabine Moreau, a woman from Belgium, started her drive from her home town of Hainault Erquelinnes. The plan was to simply pick up her friend from the train station in Brussels, this was a simple journey just 93 miles away – she had even made the trip several times before. The train station is just north of her home, but for some reason, the GPS told her to drive to Croatia.

After she turned on the GPS it led her south in the opposite direction, turn after turn she kept going the wrong way by following the instructions from her GPS. This led Moreau to drive for over two days and make it to Zagreb. Several days of driving to get from point A to point B going across half of Europe. But really why in the world did she keep following her GPS which was going the wrong way. Surely Moreau must have noticed the difference in distance.

Unfortunately, Moreau had received bad news on the same morning and was very distracted. During her GPS fiasco, she stopped twice to get more gas and even slept a couple of hours on the side of the round. There was even a point where she suffered a minor car accident which kept her off the road for a couple of hours also. It seems that Moreau just loves to drive and keep chugging along, and did not think about the time spent driving.

Her statement advised she saw the signs changing from French, to German and then finally in Croatian so she knew she was no longer in Belgium. Due to the distraction, she knows it sounds weird but she just kept driving. Probably Moreau was in a state of shock and maybe driving was a therapeutic solution for her. Her son though was not amused by the situation and even reported her missing to the police, who said they could not start searching until a person was confirmed missing after several days.

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