The Super Human Speed Reader Anne Jones

Samuel Reason - October 30th, 2019

If ever you need to read fast, as in Sonic The HedgeHog fast then look no further than the current speed reading champion Anne Jones. Reading a book cover to cover is not something that takes her a weekend, no she is known to clear up a book cover to cover in under an hour. She has been clocked reading at supersonic speeds, 4700 words per minute at 67% accuracy.

Anne Jones is the six times World Speed Reaching Championship winner, with features on television and radio appearances. In 2015, she famously read Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee in just 25 minutes while being live on BBC and then was interviewed by the local, national and international press.

Generally, a human reads about 220 to 300 words per minute, and if you want to learn how to read fast good news: Anne Jones offers lessons and courses via Skype. She runs her website and business providing tuition on the art of reading fast, which she advises is a skill that people can learn. She not only loves to read but loves to teach her skills to others.

If you want to know one of her records, she breezed through the last Harry Potter book, all 607 pages in just 47 minutes. Anne has advised her methods are different from conventional speed readers or Apps that claim to teach you this supersonic reading skill. The main area to learn about is understanding how your eyes take in the information and how your brain can process it.

Once you truly understand how to read fast, then you can keep developing the method into a true skill. Of course, you have to be motivated to try different things, much like any new skill: speed reading takes determination and grunt work to excel at it. Anne explains that you have to trust your brain to let it operate at its highest level and work at its best.

Anne Jones embodies what the possibilities are for everyone, she does not hold some genetic superpower, no she learned how to speed read once she was over 40 years of age. Beforehand she was reading at around 368 words per minute. Anne puts down her immense skill simply to hard work, technique, practice, and determination.

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