The Hidden LSD Bunker Manufacturing Silo

Samuel Reason - January 29th, 2020

During the 1990s it is thought that nearly all of the world’s supply of LSD was coming from one bunker. It was a semi-secret lab in an underground missile silo. The Wamego Missile Silo in Kansas was originally used by the Air Force as part of a missile defense system in 1961. However, by 1965 it was completely decommissioned and no longer used. Ultimately the whole structure was abandoned.

After nearly three whole decades of decay, the building was bought by Gordon Todd Skinner. This was a young psychedelic drug believer who had inherited a huge fortune. He set about converting the underground silo into a secret palace that was hidden from the world and even added in luxurious hot tubs along with baths. He imported huge amounts of marble to create an underground millionaires dream house.

And of course, he had a connection with one of the world’s most infamous LSD manufacturers, the chemist by the name of William Leonard Pickard. He was operating out of California but decided to move his operation to Wamego and work with Skinner. According to DEA records, it is only believed the silo was actively used for drug manufacturing for just a little amount of time. However, they also believe that despite this short amount of time, over 90% of the LSD circulating in the United States during the late ’90s came out of this silo.

Unfortunately, the years of hard drug abuse had started to become a burden on Skinner’s mind. He became extremely paranoid that the DEA was after him for his illicit activities. So paranoid in fact that he voluntarily signed up to work as an informer for the DEA. This led to the arrest and imprisonment of Pickard along with several of his lab partners. The operation was shut down and a drought of LSD was witnessed worldwide as a result.

Skinner left Wamego in a frenzy, but he had completely lost sense of reality by this point. Eventually, the law caught up with him, and he was imprisoned for kidnapping, assaulting, torturing and forcibly dosing multiple victims with LSD. Nowadays the silo is owned by a notable collector of military paraphernalia Charles Everson, who does guide visits of the missile silo.

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