The Dangers Of The Dust Bowl Can Be Electrocution By Hug

Samuel Reason - February 12th, 2020

During the perils of the Dust Bowl, people that lived in the Northern parts of Texas or Oklahoma had to contend with huge dust storms that could last for days. These were storms of fine flour-like dust particles that would blast through everything: the cracks on the window frames, under the doors and would even blind people. It also was extremely dangerous for cattle, who could be smothered to death.

But the worst fear was that it turned walking people into huge human tasers. Children may run-up to their mothers for a hug and suddenly they would be knocked unconscious by a massive static shock. Any person who had spent any time in the dust bowl could be dangerous. Men would shake one’s hand and would effectively knock each other out. No one could avoid it and nobody was safe, you simply had to stop any psychical contact with anyone in the dust bowl. If you didn’t adhere to the rules strictly, then you could die, by static electrocution.

Physicists know that a sand storm is capable of creating lightning but nobody can figure out how static charges could power up in a dust storm. Troy Shinbrot from Rutgers University recently was able to create a simulation that showed how dust could being huge static charges. But even he did not believe his idea until the maths told him that under certain air density then it would become a reality. He tried his theory with glass beads and proved that under certain air densities this scenario of an electric dust storm could happen.

Imagine each spec of little dust as a globe, meaning each one comes with two hemispheres. One hemisphere will become positive and another negative and they can start attracting their opposites. When they meet they neutralize and transfer the electron from the negatively charged side to the positively charged side – and this is how the electricity is created. The process keeps repeating itself until a massive charge is built up.

This meant people would build up a charge also over time, so much that they could short out electricals they touched such as cars or radio stations, and yes, it was even recorded that they could strike people with lightning. Maybe the dust bowl was created by Thor?

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