The Coffee Experiment By The King Of Sweden

Samuel Reason - January 15th, 2020

Coffee lovers regularly refer to their preferred beverage as A Nectar From The Gods, and that is because their morning coffee is a savior. To these coffee lovers, there is nothing better than their morning cup of joe and nobody wants to hear about any possible side effects of drinking too much coffee. So the King of Sweden set out to prove what he thought was a bad thing: the overdrinking of coffee in his nation.

For his experiment, he enlisted two twins to showcase the dangers of drinking coffee. In 1746, Gustav III levied heavy taxes on coffee consumption to try to deter his nation from sub combing to what he saw as a dangerous substance. Later he even tried to ban the consumption of coffee completely but this failed. Coffee was simply too popular to ban, but Gustav III was eager to stop this trend. He believed that coffee had terrible side effects that the companies were hiding from the people, as a result, he proposed an experiment.

He had two prisoners who were identical twins, they were convicted of murder and scheduled to be executed. Gustav III changed their sentences to life imprisonment but with a catch: each day one of them had to drink three pots of coffee a day and the other had to drink three pots of tea. Gustav III was certain they would both fall ill and die quickly, this would prove once and for all that coffee and tea were not good for general health.

Unfortunately for King Gustav III, he found one thing that happened to be much more dangerous than coffee or tea: being named the king of Sweden. He was shot by rebels and died well before the coffee or tea drinkers. Well, the experiment gets a little creepy when you dig deeper and find out that the researchers in charge of the experiment also died before the twins.

And guess what? Both twins kept on guzzling down coffee and tea quite happily until the ripe age of 83. At least we have an official record of the tea drinker dying at the age of 83, there was never a record for the coffee drinker. Legend has it that he still wanders around today drinking huge amounts of coffee.

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