Top 30 Most Terrifying Bridges That Are Still Being Used Today

Jeff Glennon

If these bridges terrify you, you might have something called gephyrophobia. Or maybe you’re just a normal person…

Gephyrophobia, a fear of crossing bridges, might range from creeping anxiety to stifling terror. However, whether it’s heights or shoddy infrastructure or creepy histories that makes you quake – we’re sure these bridges will make even the bravest of souls say, “There’s no way I’m crossing that.”

30. Sunshine Skyway Bridge – Florida

Height: 430’ | Length: 4.14 miles

Despite its cheery name, this 4-mile vehicle bridge over the Tampa Bay has a dark past. The bridge was the site of a tragedy in 1980 when a freight ship collided with the bridge, causing its partial collapse and dozens of vehicles to plunge into the water below.

As you drive across the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, you can still see the western Skyway Fishing Pier just half a mile to the west of the bridge. This pier was re-purposed from the old approach to the original Sunshine Skyway Bridge – and remains a chilling reminder of what it could have meant to be a bridge passenger on that fateful day in 1980.