Japanese Government Tries To Stop Mass Mexican Dragon Ball Super Parties

Samuel Reason - August 24th, 2019

When it comes to South America, Dragon Ball Super is kind of a big deal. You might have thought that most fans would be located in Japan, but on a Saturday night you will find thousands of Dragon Ball Super fans gathering across South America. And in Mexico, you will find tens of thousands of fans watching the series all together in huge Dragon Ball themed parties.


This has made Japan very unhappy because these die-hard fans are all pirating the series. Mexican fans have even started a social media movement to watch the final episode 130: The Greatest Showdown of All Time! The Ultimate Survival Battle!! all together in an outdoor public venue.

To make the situation even more surprising, local governments started to show support for the movement; possibly as a way to garner some political support and a favorable public opinion. Many local governments agreed to set up huge screens in public places and squares, even some in football stadiums.

The movement continued to gain momentum, and official government Twitter accounts started to promote the events. Alarmingly, they were all alleged to be pirated screenings of the show since nobody had the rights to distribute the series. It sounded like a wonderful and great night, but the Japanese company behind the hit anime series was extremely unhappy. They warned there would be repercussions since all of the gatherings lacked the licensing rights to show Dragon Ball Super in public.

The company condemned the plans and even asked Japanese officials to try to shut down the movement. Of course, they began urging people to watch the show on licensed platforms. A Japanese ambassador took the highly unusual step of contacting various local governments in a bid to shut down and cancel the events. They advised that the exhibitions all be suspended. As a result of the letter, some screenings were canceled but most of the scheduled screenings in Mexico went ahead.

Mexico, Peru, Chile, and El Salvador all caught the DBS fever with massive crowds attending, and it seems they didn’t care what the Japanese government had to say about it.

All they wanted to see was Goku save the day!

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