Japanese Experiment Made Beautiful Crop Circles And Lasted Half A Century

Samuel Reason - March 3rd, 2020

When it comes to the conspiracy crowd, then you always have to talk about the crop circles. Some are known to be artistic creations in cereal fields and some are just unknown, which has led to many theories around them being strange forms of Alien communication. You can just imagine the excitement and theories that will have been made following the released photos of incredible geometric shapes coming out of a Japanese forest.


And on this occasion it has not happened in small wheat fields, no this is geometric designs that have been formed in mature Japanese cedar trees. Many started to question what sort of extra-terrestrial sorcery would cause this, or what sort of UFO spacecraft would leave behind this sort of shape. Unfortunately for those seeking to prove the existence of Alien life form, there is a very innocent explanation and it originates from planet Earth. It is still a very interesting explanation!

During 1973, the scientist decided to start experimental forestry, with the aim of learning more about how trees spaced apart and what the distance changed for their growth. Near Nichinan City in Miyazaki, they planted trees in a circle formation. They planted smaller inner circles to expand incrementally to allow the creation of 10 perfect rings.

Their research found that trees with more space tended to grow bigger and be more robust. This means the trees on the outer part of their circle have higher growth, and as you move into the denser inner circles the trees become smaller. When you think about it, it is quite logical, more space means less competition for much-needed resources such as water and sunlight. This means it is easier for the outer level trees to grow bigger and stronger whereas the inner circle is fighting with each other.

According to Japan’s Ministry of Agriculture, the difference can be quite large, during the experiment it was noted the inner circle trees were over 5 meters smaller than the outer circles. The circles are due to be harvested soon for their wood, but perhaps given their fame, they will be preserved and become a tourist attraction. Time will tell.

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