If You Are Rich Then You Can Celebrate New Year’s Twice

Samuel Reason - October 26th, 2019

If you have the funds then an extravagant private jet package will let you celebrate New Year’s twice. First, you can party in Sydney, Australia and then jet out to Los Angeles to do it again. You would start your partying on December 31 at 8 PM and then make a little 13-hour flight to Los Angeles, to start again!


The package costs over $300,000 and your private jet will come decorated with lots of New Years’ theme. Of course, you will also have state of the art entertainment systems, along with hefty servings of caviar, lamb tartare, and lobster. And don’t forget the Champagne – there will be lots of it! Let’s hope you have the energy to keep going, but I mean News Years only does happen once right?

Celebrating New Years on two different continents has long been the urban legend of the internet, but as it turns out it was true. The company PrivateFly lets you do just that, allowing you to celebrate in Australia and then in the United States of America. With the two continents having a 19 hour time difference, you have plenty of time to get there to continue celebrating New Year’s. It works out at about $40,000 per person and that is for eight people booking together.

The party packed itinerary is non stop, with the festivities starting at 8 PM in Sydney going to all the glamorous night stops with many VIP parties included. And you get a perfect view of the fireworks at midnight in the harbor. At exactly 2 AM the party-goers will board a flight from Sydney to Los Angeles, flying in a Gulfstream G550 – one of the best private jet models in existence.

With LA being 19 hours behind Sydney, you can effectively fly back in time and arrive several hours before you left. Your flight lands at 8:30 PM California time! And that means the night is still young, giving you plenty of time to head on to the party of your choice.

The company even offers two different options on the flight to LA: the wellness option where you lounge in pajamas and relax, or the Festive Flight option where you continue the fun at 13,700m above air! Kind of mad to think, if you have the money, you can already time travel.

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