Goran Kropp The Amazing Swedish Bicycle Mountaineer

Samuel Reason - June 24th, 2020

One crazy mountaineer from Sweden decided to ride his bike from Sweden to the bottom of Mount Everest and then proceeded to climb Mount Everest. Goran Kropp was his name and he was a true badass explorer and mountaineer. He left Jonkoping, Sweden in 1995 on his bicycle. Not to mention that he was also carrying over 285 pounds of gear and he was riding to a place over 6,000 miles away: Mount Everest. He made it to the bottom of the mountain by the following May, and when he got there he witnessed the worst tragedy of alpine climbing to ever unfold.


People nicknamed him the Crazy Swede because he would attempt to solo climb Everest with no ropes. His thought process was ropes were too slow to use, and he was worried about getting stuck in the dark at night alone; so he would solo climb without any safety ropes. On May 3 he solo climbed within 100 yards of the peak before being forced to turn around by waist-deep snow. He was even resting at the base camp when the infamous disaster happened that killed eight people caught in a blizzard during one night.

You would have thought that all that death would have made Goran rethink his strategy, but nothing could scare the crazy swede. He climbed up the mountain to the top of the world, all alone, on May 23, 1996. Of course, he then rode his bike all the way home. With all his gear.

And the craziness doesn’t even stop there. This badass mountaineer provisioned himself from Kathmandu – he didn’t use any outfitters or Sherpas. He climbed with all the weight of his gear up the mountain, and he didn’t even use bottled air to reach the summit. Let’s not forget he even went back in 1999 with his girlfriend and they climbed the summit together as a couple, again with no oxygen.

His love of the mountains came at an early age when he was six and with his father, they climbed up the tallest mountain in Norway, the Galdhopiggen. Then as a paratrooper, he continued with immense training to improve his overall strength. By the time he did tackle the bike to the Everest expedition, he was already a very accomplished climber. Kropp had climbed up five of the world’s 8,000-meter peaks, which was why he had a company called Kropp and Eventyr that funded his adventures – in Sweden, he was a household name.

Unfortunately, Kropp’s feats came to an abrupt end when he died at the young age of 35. He was climbing a fairly routine route in eastern Washington State his protection line dislodged out of a rock. Who knows what other badass stories we would have about Kropp if this had not happened.

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