First Native American In Europe May Have Been Brought Back By The Vikings

Samuel Reason - May 22nd, 2020

More than 1,000 years ago new findings have suggested that the first Native American woman to put her feet on European soil may have been to Iceland by the Vikings. The joint study by Spanish and Icelandic researchers is making breakthroughs since 2010 as they continue to boost the theory that the Icelandic Vikings had a real settlement in Newfoundland in Canada.

Several Icelandic medieval texts have confirmed the theory that there was indeed a well known Viking settlement in Canada. Of course, this would mean that the Vikings reached the American continent long before Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. And when we say long before we mean several centuries before.

Spain’s CSIC scientific research institute has been researching genetics from a group of over 80 people from four families in Iceland and the results have been eye-opening. Much of the DNA traits found in their genetics are genes that are only found in Native Americans or East Asians. Of course, the first conclusion was that the DNA came from recently arrived Asian families in Iceland. Therefore, at first, the researchers studied deeply the family genealogy to get to the bottom of the puzzle.

It was discovered that the four families part of the research group are descendants from people who lived hundreds of years ago in the same region of Southern Iceland, between the years 1710 and 1740. The genes present in the DNA are also what is known as mitochondrial, which means it would have to have been introduced by a woman and not by a man. Giving the isolation of the 10th century, it seems pretty certain that the woman would have been brought to Iceland.

Most of the researchers believe around the year 1000 the Vikings must have brought an Amerindian woman from America to Iceland. They set out to prove their findings by using a Rejkjavik-based genomics company to further analyze the population. While 75 to 80 percent of Icelanders have clear lineage from Scandinavia or Scotland and Ireland; there is also a handful that seems to have been involved in a settlement in the Americas around 14,000 years ago.

More analysis on the gene pool confirmed that the DNA traces have been present for at least 300 years ago, meaning it can’t possibly have been a due to a recent arrival of Asian families in Iceland.

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