A Violent Attack That Created A Math Genius

Samuel Reason

A salesman by the name of Jason Padgett from Futon did not care about anything apart from chasing girls and partying, until one crazy night that changed anything. Jason Padgett is now a maths genius, he sees math everywhere. No matter what he is doing he will see certain connections with mathematics. If he turns on the tap then and dips his toothbrush in the water, then he will probably do it 16 times.


That is because 16 times will form a perfect square and Jason likes square things. Two to the power of four, or four squared, that is what 16 times means to Jason. He has noted that he automatically does that type of stuff with everything. He is so obsessed with maths that some have started to call him a genius. That is because he can draw geometric patterns known as fractals, one of the most complex mathematical operations, by hand.

Yet it would come as a surprise to find out that Jason was not always interested in maths. In fact in his early life he was very different, he says that he rotated around girls and drinking. He always thought that maths was a stupid skill and he had no desire to learn it any further. On Friday 13th September 2002 everything changed for Jason, he was out with friends when he was violently attacked.

The robbers ran up behind Jason and smashed him in the back of the head. Next he saw flashes of white light, he was on his knees and the world was spinning. Jason was able by some miracle to stagger into a hospital closeby, where he was told he had a concussion and probably internal bleeding from punches to the gut. He was just given a pain medication and sent home.

That is when all of his behaviours changed, he had sustained a traumatic brain trauma that brought on an obsessive compulsive disorder. Better known as OCD, in Jason’s case he became scared of the outside world and started to stockpile food. He even glued his front door closed and became increasingly scared of germs. But at the same time he started to see the world pixelated and drawing fractals everything, he dove into the internet and started to learn quantum physics.

Eventually ending up enrolled in a community college for a maths class, where he finally started to learn the language of his new obsessions. He also got therapy to overcome his fears of the outside. Later he went into research and they believe Jason has a form of synaesthesia where the brain mixes up the senses. This is why he now sees the world as maths.

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