Yes It Is Possible To Escape a Cheetah

You could never full on outrun a cheetah, but you may survive the chase if you implement some quick turns and sharp twists at the very last minute.

Scientists have been tracking how zebras and antelope are able to get away from lions and cheetahs in the African savannah. And the result of the study is to learn how to twist when you enter the dance of death! The cheetah is the fastest land mammal so there is no possible way you would be able to outrun one, but when traveling at such a high speed it is difficult to change direction.

The study showed that actually contrary to popular belief when it comes to the hunt it is not actually about speed, in fact hunting at a lower speed normally yields better results. This is because it remains possible to change direction and follow the maneuvers of your prey. The optimal tactic to take if ever you are being hunted by a cheetah would be to run pretty slowly but keep turning at the very last moment, yes you will need some extreme confidence and nerves of steel to perform this, but it may be the way you survive.

During the study, researchers used special radio collars to track the animals top speeds. This way they were able to compare the athletic abilities of lions, cheetahs, zebra, and impala. The collar was designed to be able to determine factor such as acceleration, deceleration and how fast the animals were able to turn. Another part of the research was taking a little muscle sample to figure out the muscle power of the animals, any volunteers to take a muscle sample from a lion?

As expected the study confirmed that lions and cheetahs were much stronger and faster than their prey. However, even at lower speeds, they were never able to match zebras and impalas for maneuverability. This is what gives them the chance to escape! What we need to remember, is that during a hunt it is actually the prey that defines the tactics of the hunt. What does this mean?

Well, it means that the zebra decides when the hunt turns, and when it slows down or even when it speeds up. The prey is always a few steps ahead of the predator, so it decides the way the game is going to be played. And this is why when it comes to evolution, the predator has more athletic abilities which allow him to still be able to compete.

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