World’s Largest Beaver Dam Can Be Seen From Space

Samuel Reason - September 1st, 2019

For decades the beavers in Canada’s Wood Buffalo National Park have been hard at work, they have been chomping trees and cutting them down as quick as they can. And it seems that this hard work has finally paid off because their dam has been officially named the biggest beaver dam in the world. These furry architects have made world history by creating the largest beaver dam in the world – in fact, it is so big that astronauts have spotted it from space.

Over half a mile long is so massive, that the dam easily pops up on satellite images. It was hidden in the wilderness until 2007 when a researcher spotted it on Google Earth and notified the Alberta Wilderness Committee. The beavers are unfazed and currently appear to be joining forces with other beaver families, which means more dams are being built nearby. The main structure could now become even longer, with an estimate of 300 more feet.

Beavers are actually one of the only creatures that are capable of building structures that can be spotted from space. These creatures are pretty amazing environmental engineers, they reroute whole streams and can even alter ecosystems. Their dams are built to last, they are built to allow ponds to form between the dams, which keeps the beavers safe from predators such as wolves or bears.

The most likely theory is that the beavers have been working on this dam for over 40 years, most likely it started in Alberta back in the 1970s. This means the building is the outcome of a multi-generation architectural project. There is so much mud, branches, stones, and twigs in this area that it’s been located in this river for a long time. Due to its location in the wetlands, the beavers have access to a surplus of building materials and plenty of freshwater, and the isolated location has given them the perfect location to build without any disturbance.

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