Wolverine Horror Frog Breaks It Own Bones For A Claw

Samuel Reason | May 22nd, 2018

The hairy frog or the horror frog as eloquently known is not only a strange looking creature in the animal kingdom. It also possesses a trait which as far as everyone knows is completely unique. When under aggression or needing to defend itself from a predator, the hairy frog will break its own toe to produce a barb which it can use as a claw.


Imagine being so hardcore you would actually break off your finger to use as a knife in a battle for survival. This seems to be the case for the hairy frog, who knows no limits when it comes to being a badass.

Harvard biologists have discovered this highly unusual animal trait, where the bone punctures out of the frog’s toe pads. The likely answer is they only do this when threatened and it is believed it is a defensive behavior. There have been salamanders that can use their ribs as a defensive spike also on demand, but nothing quite as gruesome as breaking their own toes.

The other unique part of this trait is that the claw is one hundred percent bone and contains no keratin like a cat’s claw. Also, the great mystery is how does it retract? As when the frog breaks it off it is no longer attached to a muscle at all, the researchers are not even sure if it does retract.

Potentially the theory is that it naturally retracts back into the frog’s tissue as it relaxes if it were to survive the danger. And then would naturally heal as time passes or regenerate. We can only imagine the pain the frog goes through just to protect itself from danger, but then again he does look like a barbarian or Viking like froggy.

The hairs on the frog are pretty amazing also as it is thought they allow the species to take in more oxygen to take care of their blood.

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