When One Team Was Defending Both Nets

When it comes to strange football matches there have been many, some point to the 31 goals Australia put passed American Samoa or the infamous AS Adema 149-0 win over SO l’Emyrne. But actually, the strangest match of football was between Barbados and Grenada during the 1994 Shell Caribbean Cup.


This was a tournament between the nations of the Caribbean set up by CONCACAF, it was seen as a tournament in the region free of Mexico and the US who generally dominated the scene. For the most part, it has always been a great tournament, where countries like Trinidad and Tobago or Jamaica can shine. However, one match in 1994 went down in the history books due to an experimental rule that was in play at the time: matches could not be tied. The tournament organizers had decided any matches in a drawn would go to extra time, they would, therefore, be decided by a golden goal or a penalty shootout. Only the kicker was that the golden goal counted as two goals!

Barbados to get out of their group needed to beat Grenada by two goals, and started the game in dominating fashion. They were leading by 2-0 most of the game until the 83rd minute when disaster struck, Grenada scored! If they left the game at 2-1 they were out, desperate attempts to score were met by a determined Grenada defense.

Then Sealy, one of Barbados key players hatched a cunning plan, if he scored an own goal they would be given extra time and then if they scored again it would count as 2 goals! He quickly smashed the ball past his perplexed keeper, and the game went on.

The Grenadians quickly realized what was going on and remember they would qualify if the loss was by just one goal. So this started the strangest football match in history, Grenada attempted to score on both sides of the pitch! Leading to Barbados defending both goals at the same time while still trying to score.

Miraculously, they somehow managed this feat and eventually were able to score in extra time meaning they had a 4-2 victory and advanced into the later stages of the tournament. Never in the history of sports has a team ever found themselves defending both their goal and their opponents!

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