Well-Known Island Could Be the Lost City of Atlantis

lukzenth via Photobucket
lukzenth via Photobucket

The lost city of Atlantis is one of the oldest and most well-known mysteries of all time. As early as 360 B.C. the ancient philosopher Plato spoke of the lost civilization in several written dialogues. In these writings the island was claimed to have been engulfed by the sea, only to survive in stories passed down through the generations.

It has been close to 2,400 years since Plato wrote of Atlantis but many explorers and scholars are still enamored with the search for a civilization that might have been nothing more than fiction. The research has led to an enormous number of locations believed to be the displaced land of riches, but one familiar place seems to have the most compelling evidence: Cyprus.

The current landscape of Cyprus closely resembles the top of a mountain on a much larger island that could have once been above the sea. When referring to Atlantis, Plato explained a very high and mountainous island that became submerged due to a disastrous event. Since the Earth’s oceans generally do not fluctuate enough to sink an entire island, it would have to exist in a place where a natural disaster can unleash catastrophic flooding. The Mediterranean Sea where Cyprus is located is believed to have been created by a flooded basin. While some geologists disagree, there is also sonar evidence that can be interpreted as man-made features under the sea within a basin very close to Cyprus.

While the mystery is still far from solved, it seems Atlantis may have been right under our noses!

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