Walt Disney’s Not So Happy Family

Samuel Reason | October 12th, 2018

You would think that growing up around animated series and seeing the creation of Disneyland first hand, would ensure that you would become a loving and happy family. In the case of Walt Disney’s grandchildren, this is just not the case, Michelle and her twin brother Brad Lund is far from being the happiest family on Earth.


Grandchildren of the titan of entertainment Walt Disney, they have been locked in a vicious legal battle for years over the control of a trust fund which is estimated to be worth $400 million. In the 1960s their father Bill was the man who helped Disney find the location in the swamps of Florida for Disneyland, as a result, he became close to his daughter Sharon and they married in 1968.

It is their mother Sharon who originally set up this trust fund that they are now fighting about, set up to provide them with annual payments and some lump sums every five years. But the twins have decided to squabble about it, Brad is backed up by their father Bill and Michelle has the estate trustees in her corner.

As you can imagine with this amount of money involved, the court dates just keep coming as lawyers attempt to bill as many hours as possible. Apparently, some sessions have pretty much turned into all-out brawls and scuffles in the courtroom. The argument stems from when Michelle suffered an aneurysm and Brad decided he would move her to a hospital closer to his residence in Arizona. When she woke up, apparently she was not very happy about being moved!

Sounds a bit of strange reason to start a fight no? Well, apparently the estate trustees have been refusing to pay out to Brad ever since, claiming he is not in a fit mental state to manage money and that his father is manipulating him. All in all, it is definitely not the happiest family on Earth.

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