The Most Hilariously Useless Inventions Ever Made

Every year tens of thousands of ideas are turned into inventions. There are the ones that change how people live their lives and ones that offer a minor convenience. Then are the utterly useless ones; the ones that make you wonder, “Why would anyone want this?”

Despite their uselessness, some of these ideas have ended up succeeding while others are only good for a laugh. Whether they did or not, here are some of the most useless creations and ideas to ever exist.
  • Banana Candy Flavour Is Not That Fake

    Whenever you merrily chomp on a candy that is flavored to be a banana, you usually find yourself thinking that they don't taste like bananas at all. Or do they? The story of the artificial banana flavoring is a funny one, and as it turns out they do taste like bananas. ...

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  • Spiders Can Use Electricity To Fly Hundreds Of Miles

    There is a centuries-old mystery that is known as ballooning, which spiders have been taking advantage of to fly around the world. On October 31, 1832, a young naturalist and now world-famous scientist Charles Darwin walked aboard the deck of the HMS Beagle. He realized they had been boarded by hundreds of tiny red spiders....

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