Twenty-Two Years Of Poop Removed Surgically From One Man

Samuel Reason | January 17th, 2018

Remember that last time you could not go to the toilet? You just sat there in agony, with just nothing coming out? Or that constipated bloated sensation that never goes away, well now think that you have had that feeling for wait for it… 22 whole years.

Impossible, right?

Yes, one Chinese man has defied all the odds being constipated since birth, until at the age of 22 doctors surgically removed over 25 inches of his large intestine. It was swollen and bloated beyond recognition, filled with all the feces he had been producing since birth! The beast of an intestine weighed over 25 pounds(around 12 kilograms!)

Reports are a little vague as the patient is, of course, anonymous, however, we believe that the Chinese man was found to be suffering from a pretty bad sickness known as Hirschsprung’s disease. This disease causes your bowel to be missing a crucial nerve cell: the one that lets you go to the toilet. In a healthy human, the digestive tract runs on autopilot by muscles that work by themselves. However, when you suffer from this disease it causes the muscles in the colon to stop working which inevitably ends up in causing a huge blockage of poop. It is quite amazing that the man was able to come out of this okay and survive for 22 years with such a big blockage.

For example had at any moment his bowels or intestines burst, known as a perforation, the bacteria entering his body could have been fatal. It may have become sepsis and caused his body to go into a life-threatening shock.

The disease itself is extremely rare and normally would be diagnosed within 48 hours after birth. Its noticed very quickly even if missed initially because the patient will have signs like a swollen belly and malnutrition.

So how did this man go 22 years without noticing this problem?

Apparently he had always been suffering from constipation, though his parents deemed it not to require any medical attention! How anyone could think that an abdomen so swollen it appeared the man looked 9 months pregnant is beyond us. Doctors reported he was having trouble breathing and was very very weak. Luckily he made it in time to the hospital and is all set for a full recovery.

But not after having to go through a 3-hour surgery! So if you are having some regular problems on the toilet, it may be a good thought just to have that checked out. Even more so if it is your child!

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