Separated At Birth, These Triplets Were Part Of A Bizarre Social Experiment

After reuniting, Robert, Eddy, and David set out to make up for lost time. All three became waiters at the same New York City restaurant and then decided to open their own restaurant, called, of course, Triplets. The notoriety from their well-publicized story helped draw in customers, but soon it became apparent that the three had their differences after all. David, the even-tempered, dependable brother, had the best business sense. Robert, the more academic of the trio, became bored with the restaurant industry and enrolled in law school. Eddy was given to outbursts of anger and exhibited signed of depression. The triplets later learned that the family history of mental illness on their birth mother’s side was never disclosed to their adoptive parents. Sadly, Eddy committed suicide at the age of 33. It is unclear whether the trauma of being separated from his brothers at birth and the discovery of his unwitting participation in such a strange and heartless experiment played a role in his depression and suicide.
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