Separated At Birth, These Triplets Were Part Of A Bizarre Social Experiment

Dr. Neubauer, it seemed, was careful to reduce the number of variables in his experimentation on Robert, Eddy, and David. Each child was place with a Jewish family that already had an older daughter so all three boys would have the same birth order family dynamics. But the doctor appeared to be curious about the socioeconomic factors that may impact the child’s development because he placed each of the three triplets in homes representing different economic classes. Robert was placed with an affluent family…his adoptive father was a doctor and his mother was a lawyer. Eddy was adopted by a middle-class family…his father was a teacher. David went to live with a blue collar family. The environment that the three boys were raised in varied greatly. David lived in a working-class area of Queens, while Robert grew up in well-to-do Scarsdale, and Eddy was raised in a suburb on Long Island.

  • The Secret Atlantic U-Boat Attacks Of World War II

    On January 13, 1942, German U-boats began their campaign on the Eastern Seaboard of North America, targeting merchant ships and oil tankers. And for the next seven months, they dominated the waters off the East Coast. German U-boat captains loved to be assigned to this region as it was an easy place to rack up...

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  • Humans Are Not The Only Species That Likes To Get Drunk

    Veterinary doctors around Northern Australia are used to the giant influx of parrots found on the streets being brought in for check-ups periodically throughout the year. They have dubbed it the drunken parrot season. A period of the year when the Red-collared lorikeets decide to get completely intoxicated and tipsy off natural brews. [caption id="attachment_9734"...

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  • Broccoli Is A Man-Made Plant And Is Never Found In The Wild

    Ever walked through nature and said wow that's beautiful broccoli growing over there. No, you never have, and never will do. That is because you will simply never find broccoli growing out in the wild. Never has anyone walked through a forest and gazed upon rows of wild broccoli. And the answer lies in its...

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  • World's Greatest Waterslide Was Tragic

    One would think the story of the world's greatest waterslide would be a terrific tale of excitement and wonder. Unfortunately this is far from the truth. The story of the world's greatest waterslide is one of sadness, lies and deceit, which ultimately ended in a tragic accident. Coming in at...

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  • The Classic GoldenEye Game Was Made By A Team Of Nine

    If you have ever played N64 then you definitely at some point played the iconic and classic Goldeneye 007 game. Based on the James Bond movie this game became an instant cult classic. Either you played it for hours with friends or you spend hours training to beat levels at...

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