Extremely Valuable Treasures That Are Still Lost

The Crown Jewels of Ireland

Despite the name, the crown jewels of Ireland were not set in a crown. Rather, they were a loose collection that included a diamond brooch and other jewelry items made with nearly 400 priceless gemstones, Included in the collection were gems from Queen Charlotte’s personal jewelry, stones from the Order of the Bath Badge, and precious gems from the Mughal Empire and the Sultan of Turkey. In 1907, however, the jewels of Ireland were stolen. The thief was not particularly crafty.

The jewels were not well guarded…they were kept in a library. What happened to the crown jewels of Ireland after they were stolen is unknown. A bunch of different people were viewed as suspects in the heist, including the brother of the explorer Ernest Shackleton, but we still don’t know who took the jewels or where the jewels are today.

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