Toto Forever Africa To Play For All Of Eternity

Samuel Reason | May 4th, 2019

A German artist has set up an installation in the Namib desert that will play Toto Forever Africa on a loop. And the cool thing is, it has been build in a way that should let it operate forever. The spot in the desert has actually remained undisclosed, as to protect its location.

But somewhere amidst the sandy dunes of Namib desert, you will hear the American band Toto playing. Set up somewhere on a coastal spot of the Namib desert, Max Siedentopf, a Namibian-German artist has set up an MP3 player to blast out Toto Forever.

The artist created an installation of six speakers, all connected to a blue MP3 player which has been set up to play the song on an infinite loop. All while standing on top of some beautiful white rectangular blocks amongst the sands. And to ensure the song really does play forever it has been connected to solar batteries which will keep the song running for all eternity.

Released in 1982, Toto Forever has a claim to fame of being the internet’s favorite song with the most views across multiple streaming platforms. On Youtube, it has over 500 M views and a bot on Twitter that tweets out its lyrics all day has over 50,000 followers. Even Weezer made a cover of the song and Pitbull the rapper has been known to sample the song also. Some scientists have even joked it must be the best song ever made.

For Siedentopf he believes the song is unique because it is liked and listened to across the whole world, breaking down multiple cultures. To add to the mystery of the installation, Siedentopf included a map but simply circled the whole Namib desert as to indicate the location.

So if you are ever out and about considering a stroll through the African deserts, well maybe keep your ears open as you may hear a familiar tune in the air.

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