Tim Macartney-Snape The Man Who Climbed Everest Twice

Samuel Reason | September 20th, 2019

A crazy mountaineer by the name of Tim Macartney-Snape was the first climber to reach the top of Everest without any oxygen tank. He was part of the first team to do it, an Australian climbing team formed by Greg Mortimer and Snape. They reached the summit using an impressive new route on the North Face.


He also founded Sea to Summit which is a company that focuses on adventure gear and accessories, and also made an adventure travel guide that is still used to this day. To top it off he is also a founding director of the World Transformation Movement, which is a movement to help promote the population to be more eco-friendly. However, what he really is famous for is becoming the first person in 1990 to walk and climb from the sea level to the top of Mount Everest. All because someone told him he had cheated.

You see on his first climb of reach Mount Everest without using any supplementary oxygen, in 1984, which he did in cross country ski boots because his climbing boots were lost in an avalanche. Despite climbing up an unclimbed route on the north face and doing the first lightweight climb, someone told him he had not climbed Everest he had just climbed the top part!

Even though publications reported his climb as the coup of the century, these words from a fellow climber stung deep. So Snape did what any hardcore mountaineer of his time would have done, he walked down to the Indian beach. To assure he was all the way at the bottom of the mountain, and then proceeded to walk and climb all the way back up.

Sponsored by Australian Geographic he achieved this goal in 3 months and put to bed any claims of cheating. He walked through India to the Nepalese border and trekked up the mountain all the way to the top of Everest, and once again he made the ascend without any supplementary oxygen.

For his achievements and crazy mountaineering stunts, Snape was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for services to mountaineering and also to International relations.

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