This Artist Can Create A Cloud Indoors

Samuel Reason | November 3rd, 2018

All throughout history clouds have carried all sorts of signs of misfortune and premonitions of bad things to come: mostly because they normally mean a storm is coming or it is about to rain. And of course who likes clouds when they block your sunny day?

One artist Berndnaut Smilde from Holland has decided clouds should be a feature of our day and has been creating them for artwork since 2010. Smilde is able to create a beautiful cloud inside indoor spaces. As bizarre as it might seem Smilde has been able to master the art of controlling the weather inside a room. And by doing so Smilde is able to create clouds in the strangest of places.

The project is aptly named Nimbus and it lets people explore the idea that clouds could appear anywhere. The idea of a mysterious cloud being created where it should not belong is really fascinating to many people, bringing to mind the type of surrealistic paintings you may find from Rene Magritte. Smilde kind of plays on our reality, making people ask themselves is this cloud actually real or is it just a strange hallucination.

Smilde is able to make this cloud creation happen by carefully planning the conditions of the room: temperature and humidity levels, moisturizing the air inside the room. Even taking control of the light to create a dramatic effect. Then when everything is set to perfection, a fog machine will unleash a dense mist. Due to the room’s weather conditions, it will appear damp and heavy just like a real cloud.

The artificial clouds will float for only the briefest of moments, allowing the artist to take a quick but beautiful photo. Making it even more mysterious, no one has actually seen Smilde’s work in person, most people get to see it in photographic form.

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