The World’s Oldest Wild Bird Is Still Laying Eggs At 67 Years Old

Samuel Reason | July 14th, 2018

Known as the albatross supermom, this bird called Wisdom has stunned scientists around the world once more by laying an egg. Now the oldest wild bird in the world to lay an egg, which she has seen do at her home on the Midway Atoll.

Every year the wild albatross known as Wisdom returns to the Marine National Monument in Papahanaumokuakea to nest and raise just one chick. And the U.S. Wildlife Service has confirmed that once again the pair was incubating a new egg.

Wisdom has had an extremely long life for bird standards, in fact, Wisdom has outlived several mates already and is believed to have raised anywhere between 30 to 35 chicks. Probably a record in itself, not to mention that Wisdom has probably flown around three million miles since 1956. This would equal about four to six round trips to the moon!

No one has ever seen an albatross this old still producing eggs, so it begs the question is there an even older bird somewhere in the world?

It is more than just luck, the life of an albatross is dangerous. Ingesting plastic litter from the ocean is a real possibility and the need to forage over miles of ocean is very tiring. Handling extreme climates and hoping to find a little stretch of land to raise their chicks on, is a very complicated way of life. Most wild birds have a real struggle to survive and even find a mate.

As confirmed by Charles Eldermire one of the Bird Cams project leaders at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology in New York.

“You’re talking about a bird that stretches our understanding because it’s so unlike our life history and 99 percent of the animals we interact with on a daily basis.”

Wisdom has shattered all the barriers and we hope, will continue to do so

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