The Other War That Happened During World War II

Jeff Glennon | August 21st, 2018

Known locally in South America as the War of ‘41, the Ecuadorian-Peruvian War happened during the height of World War II but had nothing to do with the Allies or Nazis. This was the first of three conflicts between Ecuador and Peru due to borderlines. It was definitely a strange time for War to erupt in the area especially as neither was affiliated with the Allies or the Axis.

The dispute historically can be traced as far back as 1840 due to the claim by Ecuador that their territory goes beyond the Andes mountains and includes the Amazonian basin, something that Peru strongly disagrees with.

They signed an agreement in 1936 that only complicated things, stating that the disputed land was de facto possession by both countries, this only created a confusion about where the border actually existed. During this time in Ecuador, most of the government was formed by high ranking generals from the army, which meant that military action was generally seen as positive for the country. Peru fearing an invasion put together its own military defenses which only escalated the tension.

Both countries now blame each other for the start of the war, with the intentions of forcing a clear border agreement. Peru was much better equipped have paratrooper squadrons and even some Czech tanks, furthermore, the Ecuadorian government was facing tension in the capital so elected to keep most of its army at home instead of reinforcing their defenses.

Peru quickly occupied most of the disputed land and though a ceasefire was declared, nothing was really resolved. Even with a ceasefire, both nations continued to deploy smaller guerilla attacks on each other’s troops, which resulted in casualties across both sides.

The conflicts are mostly put down in history as governmental attempts of receiving national support, there was another two wars, the Paquisha War and Cenepa War that again ended with no clear agreement. Finally, in 1998, the representatives of both countries signed a definitive peace agreement that.

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