The Tuna Fish Is So Strong It Can Cook Itself

Samuel Reason

There is one fish in the ocean that you may not want to come across on a day of ocean fishing. If you happen to be out on a boating trip with some deep sea fishing in the Atlantic then you could come across the warm-blooded Atlantic bluefin tuna. This happens to be one of the strongest fish ever to be found on Earth. But with its intense strength comes a high price, the Atlantic bluefin is so strong that a sudden burst of muscle activity can cause itself to be cooked in its own flesh!

The bluefin tuna come in all shapes and sizes, therefore they are a commercial and recreational anglers dream! And when they do catch them the battle is on to reel them in, these tuna can weigh up to 2,000 pounds and grow 73 inches. They are regularly called the giants of the sea. Fishermen from all over the country go up and down the coast looking for the biggest tuna catches, especially when the bite is on.

And you would think these fish would be the tastiest snacks for the big predators like sharks and killer whales, but these tuna fish are extremely muscled and can swim up to 45 miles per hour. This allows them to get out of any situations where they may end up on the dinner plate.

The real incredible thing is they are able to thermoregulate their bodies, these tuna fish are warm-blooded even though the Atlantic is mostly cold. They are able to maintain their warm body temperatures even during the deepest dives. The only problem is when they fight, the aggressive Bluefin tuna fish body can become so hot that their flesh actually starts to cook itself and sears his own muscles.

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