The Town Of Huescar Declared War On Denmark And Forgot For 172 Years

Samuel Reason | May 30th, 2019

When it came to the small town of Huescar in Spain, they were not going to be pushovers no matter what happened. The people of Huescar did not really have the resources or means to battle against a whole country, with only 8 municipal guards being deployed at all times. But they were proud people and entered the Napoleonic Wars with every intention of taking part.

Eventually, Napoleon lost the war and Ferdinand VII was returned to his throne, the Spanish people went back to their daily lives and a time of peace happened. In 1814, the Treaty of Paris actually signed by both Spain and Denmark ensured all hostilities were done and that diplomatic relations between the two countries moved forward positively.

But despite The Treaty of Paris the little town of Huescar never actually declared peace with Denmark. And this declaration of war had been forgotten completely for 172 years. Though never a single shot had been fired or even an injury had happened during the war, in fact, it was a little bit of a pointless war! A cultural officer by the name of Vicente Gonzalez discovered the 172-year-old declaration and published it.

The town than did not really know what to do and started to debate their options, in 1981, they decided that they should end the way. A Danish Ambassador by the name of Mogens Wandel-Petersen promised to do everything possible to put things right with the small town. And he traveled to Huescar with the intention of signing a peace treaty.

Both sides decided to have a little fun over the affair, the Danes arrived dressed as Vikings with shields that stated Danish Hispanic Friends. And the people of Huescar even put up a huge banner to let the Danes know they were entering enemy territory. A great celebration happened with much wine and food being shared, and then the mayor of Huescar finally signed a peace agreement with the Danish ambassador.

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