The Time Ecuador Voted In A Foot Powder As Mayor

Samuel Reason | May 26th, 2018

Over the history of time, there have been some very strange candidates representing political positions all over the world. From mad emperors to strange kings, from animals to insects there have been all sorts representing societies at different times. Though nothing compares to the 1967 mayoral campaign in Ecuador, where a foot powder received enough votes to be elected.

In a pretty small town on the beautiful coast of Ecuador, you will find a place called Picoaza near the Pacific coast. Actually quite a famous town as it was a settlement that dates back before even Christopher Columbus arrived in South America. It is a pretty poor region where clean drinking water is hard to find and telephone services are very lacking.

But it does have one claim to fame, the time they voted in a food product to run the town. The one and only town in the whole world to have ever elected a brand of food powder as a mayor.

During the mayoral campaign of 1967, the foot powder company Pulvapies decided to run a politically themed ad. Of course, it was a little joke aimed to promote their product, all the ay up until the election day they ran the campaign and the ad. When translated it was not choosing a side or even making a stand, the message simply said:

“Vote for any candidate, but if you want well-being and hygiene, vote for Pulvapies.”

They even walked around handing out leaflets, acting like a real political candidate. And well the campaign worked, at least they were voted in for mayor. On the day, they received more ballots than any other candidate. What happened next is unfortunately never reported, did they send in an executive to run for Mayor? Or maybe there was a new election, all they can have been hoping for was some brand awareness and increased sales.

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