The Strange And Rare Pupula Duplex Conditions

Samuel Reason - December 8th, 2019

Pupula duplex is such a rare medical condition where a person has two irises in one eye, that many believe it is just a myth and a joke. They would be very wrong though, as the rare condition that sees people having two pupils in the same eye does exist. Granted it is extremely rare that barely anyone has ever been seen with the condition.

Medically speaking, doctors are unsure if the condition is even confirmed as there have never been any recorded cases of Pupula Duplex. There is however some photographic evidence, though many believe these images to have been edited and doctored – which is why there are so many people in the scientific world who believe this rare condition is just a big prank.

Now Pupula Duplex may not really be very well documented or even confirmed to be real, there are, however, many strange eye conditions that do exist. For example, you have reported cases of people that have two different colored irises: this is called Heterochromia Iridium. Having two eyes of a different color doesn’t sound too bad, you may get some people who are surprised when they see you, but all in all, at least you will still be healthy and see perfectly fine.

One of the most horrible eye conditions is a birth defect called coloboma, this causes a hole in the iris which results in most victims of coloboma being blind. There is also the disease known as proptosis which is more common in small breed dogs like pugs, which causes the eyes to be too far forward however, it can also occur in humans. So where did this myth of the double pupil in one eye come from?

The fiction can be traced back to scientific analogs published in the 16th century called The Metamorphoses Of Ovid by Johann Spreng, who mentions the existence of Duplex Pupila when he refers to the Evil Eye. And Robert Ripley from Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Did report meeting a double-eyed man in Kentucky during 1931.

What does exist is the medical condition known as Polycoria where the victim has more than one opening in the iris which results in having two or more pupils in one eye but still only one iris.

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