The South Korean Baby Box Hero Pastor

Samuel Reason | May 31st, 2019

One pastor from South Korea became an immediate hero all around the world when the story of his baby box idea came out to mainstream media. In South Korea, there is an immediate and big problem with parents abandoning babies that are born with deformities or mental handicaps. Pastor Jong-Rak was concerned by these actions and decided to provide a solution.

Jong-Rak was horrified to learn about the number of babies being abandoned on the side of the street, left to die alone. He wondered how any parents could do this to their child. As a result, he set up a concept which is now known as the baby box. A small box attached to the side of his house, that is a kind of secret and safe door into his home. Here parents bent on abandoning their child, can leave the baby in the box knowing that Pastor Jong-Rak will ensure the baby is taken care of.

So far over 1,500 unwanted babies have been saved by Pastor Jong-Rak. The clergyman is the head of the Joosarang church. New adoption laws in 2012, made it harder for mothers to give up unwanted pregnancies for adoption. This meant that more and more babies were being found abandoned.

The clergyman Jong Rak belies the government should do more to help mothers who have unwanted pregnancies, therefore, he sprung into action and created the baby box. The small hatch allows a baby to be placed inside and is equipped to keep the child safe. Most mothers who leave their babies are unwed or victims of sexual violence.

Generally, the babies are placed in an orphanage or a foster home. The government has been telling Jong-Rak for years that he is helping child abandonment and that he will be arrested. Jong-Rak has refused to install security cameras and even wipes the fingerprints off the box to ensure parents are not prosecuted.

When the hatch is opened it does trigger a bell, which signals for the pastor or church member to chase down the parent to attempt to dissuade them. And sometimes they are able to change their minds.

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