The Secret Billion Dollar Treasures Of Padmanabhaswamy Temple

Samuel Reason - December 24th, 2019

Every city small and big in India seems to have secrets and mysterious places to hide the treasure. There is a temple in the Kerala region called Padmanabhaswamy Temple that is the winner of all supernatural temples and sites. It is a center for holiness and divinity but the temple is also home to many secret vaults, filled with treasure that is worth billions of dollars.

The ancient temple has many secrets and many myths have sprung up about it all over the internet. Of course, the best legends and myths always do start from a grain of truth, but when it comes to the Padmanabhaswamy Temple even the craziest stories turn out to be true. The main shrine for the temple is one of the most revered gods of the Hindu deity: Maha Vishnu. The temple was originally built in 6th century A.D. and after 10 centuries of decorating it was finally called finished.

In 2011, a committee was formed to document and create an official record of the unaccounted wealth of the temple. While creating these records six secret vaults were found, they had iron-clad doors and the hope for opening them was pretty slim. It took ages to get the locked doors open, and the sixth vault has never been opened to this day despite all of their hard efforts.

What was found inside the five vaults that they did manage to open was beyond what anyone could have imagined: treasure worth billions of dollars. They found bags full of ancient gold coins, diamonds, and gemstones, along with huge gold and diamond necklaces.

The vault that remains closed is thought to contain enough treasure to run India for 10 years, but it is considered to bring extreme bad fortune to even attempt to open it. Sundarajan, the petitioner behind the committee, died one month after opening the other vaults which have strengthened the superstition that anyone opening the vaults will be cursed.

There is another legend that states the temple is connected to the Arabian Sea and any attempt to open the last vault will cause catastrophic climate change across the Kerala region.

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