The Real Life Super Human With Super Vision

Samuel Reason - July 4th, 2019

Throughout history there have been humans with genetic abnormalities, some that lead to devastating consequences such as having life-changing disfigurements or in other cases you may not even notice that you are walking beside a superhuman. This was the case of Veronica Seider, a woman whose eyesight redefined completely what the human eye was capable of seeing.

While many of us require glasses or need to squint to see across the room, Seider was capable of seeing clearly for miles. Seider, as a result, was known as a superhuman, she was born in West-Germany in 1951. She went to school in Germany just like any other child and ended up enrolling into Stuttgart University in West Germany.

It was during her days as a student that her abilities really became clear and entered the scope of the general public. This happened when the university found out about her optical abilities in 1972. They claimed that Seider was able to see everything in astute detail up to a mile away, sometimes even further. Sounds like something that should be in a superhero movie.

You see while most people’s eyesight has the visual acuity of 20/20, her acuity was around 20/2. This meant that she could recognize and distinguish people from a mile away and even could accurately determine their distance from her position. To put that into perspective for you, 1 mile is 5280 feet, so you can only imagine the detail of her eyesight. You could compare her eyesight as to using a telescope or binoculars, in fact, she claimed she could also see constituent colors that come out of an old fashioned color by color television set.

What this means is though we know colors are made up of 3 primary colors: red, green, blue, we do not see the mixture of them. Veronica could actually distinguish these different components when looking at a color.

Despite her apparent superpower, Seider wanted to live a normal life and pursued her professional dream of becoming a dentist.

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