The Rare And Yet So Amazing Fallstreak Hole

Samuel Reason - May 2nd, 2019

A fallstreak hole is an incredible time of rare cloud phenomenon that can sometimes happen in the skies. Many observers liken it to seeing a tear in the clouds, it is so rare that most people who do happen to spot one in the skies are simply mesmerized. Of course in this day and age, that means people will always snap a quick photo!

Rachel Carlsen spotted the formation in Ladera Ranch back in March 2018, in California, one of the small list of people to have ever seen a fallstreak hole. She likened it to looking a large tear in the clouds and quickly posted a photo on social media.

In fact, the fallstreak hole is also sometimes referred to as the hole-punch cloud. A rare formation that only happens when the little water droplets in a cloud cool down to temperatures that are below freezing. But do not actually freeze over, due to a disturbance in the clouds. This could be a plane or a whole squadron of birds for example, which triggers an extremely quick creation of ice crystals.

And these beautiful ice crystals start to fall out of the cloud in streaks, which causes what appears to be a whole in the cloud. Think of it as a part of the cloud freezing and then falling down to the ground. Usually, the gap continues to expand making the hold quite large, definitely, not something that you would see every day in California. Carlsen remarked she felt extremely lucky.

Today, fallstreak holes are spotted around the globe every once in a while, usually found by a high-resolution satellite. Which has led researchers to discover that these clouds are not restricted to just one location and can be found at any location of Earth! Sometimes they are spotted by UFO spotters and mistaken for alien vessels or spacecraft.

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