The Rare And Delicious Black Diamond Apple

Samuel Reason - April 28th, 2019

Apples are one of the world’s most eaten fruits, you can find them everywhere and they are a symbol of classic bakery goods such as the apple pie. And we even have them in culture references or expressions such as referring to your lover as the Apple of your eye. The fruit even has a pretty central role in one of the greatest books of all time: the Bible.

From snacks to desserts, the apple is insanely popular and one may think that every apple had been tasted or every type of recipe would have been tried. Yet surprisingly the apple appears to always be able to reinvent itself. The latest trend and gossip is the talk about tasting the rarest apple of them all the black diamond. They are apparently in a league of their own, an elusive fruit of mythical proportions.

The black diamond does not really look tasty and many people mistake them for being rotten, but they are actually extremely in demand. Mostly because just growing them is a mission in itself. They gleam and are unique compared to any other apple, with a sort of natural thick wax and purple color, earning the fruit its diamond nickname.

Also known as the scorpion fruit, it is sweeter and crisper than its standard apple brothers. That’s because they have much higher natural glucose. Which means that due to the excess organic sugars in the apple we find them to be naturally much sweeter. But the real reason everyone is chasing down black diamond apples is that they are extremely hard to find.

In fact, they only grow in one place, 3,100 meters above sea level in Nyingchi, Tibet. You see Nyingchi sees warm temperatures during the day with intense sunlight that enables seeds to grow, but then during the night, the weather changes to below freezing temperatures. This has caused the apple to adapt to survive. And Nyingchi receives a high about of ultraviolet light which is what has given the apple a dark outer color.

But the conditions are hard up in the mountains, with many Tibet farmers refusing to plant black diamonds due to the dangers of farming at such high altitudes. And then there is also the problem that their trees take 2 to 3 years to mature, along with small harvest potentials, they are a crop that can be economically bad for a Tibet farmer. All in all, creating more mystery around the rare crop.

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