The Rambo Of The Vietnam War Who Fought 1000s With Just A Knife

When it comes to who had the biggest Rambo moment in the Vietnam War there are undoubtedly many candidates, but if you talk about who was the biggest badass? Then there can only be one and his name is Roy Benavidez.

He was off-duty when a small team of American Green Berets radio that they had been trapped and surrounded by a whole battalion of the North Vietnamese Army, that would mean about 500 to 1000s troops. Special forces Benavidez knew he had to help, grabbed as many medical supplies as he could carry and jumped into one of the rescue choppers. On arrival at the scene they saw just how bad it was, the Green Berets were already heavily wounded and the firefight was too intense for any of the choppers to evacuate them. Benavidez asked the pilot to find a clearing and drop him down because he was not about to let any man behind.

He was known by his codename Tango Mike-Mike, a harden warrior of Mexican and Yaqui Indian descent who had battled racism every day of his life. Just to give you an idea of how hard Benavidez really was, just a few years early he had stepped on a landmine and discharged from the army. Doctors told him he would never walk again, but after a year of forcing himself to crawl and move his feet across the hospital floor at night: he walked straight out of the hospital and signed up for the special forces.

He hopped out of the chopper and ran to the Green Berets position, provided them with water and gave them morphine, setting up defensive positions and fighting the whole battalion himself. His m-16 ran out of bullets so he picked up an AK-47 and continued to fight. Dragging the injured with him to a new extraction point, it looked like he had finally done it! The NVA were not messing about though and blew up the new helicopters. He continued though and dragged the wounded again to a new point, calling in napalm strikes and air support all around.

Finally, the second set of rescue choppers arrived, by this point, the NVA had had enough of Benavidez and charged with bayonets fixed. He was bayoneted a couple of times and jaw was broken by a rifle, but he kept fighting knife and pistol in hand. He single-handedly saved the eight remaining men and they were evacuated! On arrival Benavidez was proclaimed dead, as they were zipping him into a body bag he spat into the doctors face. He lived to the age of 63.

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