The Mysterious Chinese Pyramids

Samuel Reason | September 24th, 2018

For decades the mysterious Chinese pyramid hills in the Shaanxi Province has fascinated many archaeologists and historians. In fact, when they were first discovered in 1945, they were even subject to UFO conspiracy theories.

During a flight between India and China, an American pilot named James Gaussman reported seeing huge white topped pyramids, he described it as something from a fairy tale. He explained it was all white stone on the sides and even had like a diamond or emerald on the top.They were immense and the pilot wanted to land to explore them but alas the terrain made this impossible.

Since the first discovery, there have been reports of hundreds of pyramids being found along the Qin Chuan Plains and they were always at least 100 kilometers from Xi’an. Though no information was being released and no one could figure out what they were for, most of these pyramids were located in the forbidden zones of China: places where tourists and foreigners are not allowed to travel. For a time, some even believed it all to be a great hoax, that these structures did not even exist.

Then a breakthrough happened in 1994, a German explorer was able to enter the sites and published a book about this findings. Hartwig Hausdorf wrote that they looked more like hills and mounds than pyramids, and his article contained many photographs of the area.

And he explained further that there was no need for strange theories or alien encounter stories, these mounds were built for the exact same reasons as the Egyptians. They were a burial ground for their ancestral leaders. Experts have since confirmed that the burial mounds are indeed the resting grounds of some of China’s greatest emperors from the Western Han Dynasty.

You can now visit museums in the area which hold relics unearthed from the pyramids, all excavated treasures, and relics from a long forgotten time.

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