The Mouse That Believes It’s A Wolf

Samuel Reason | May 18th, 2018

If you heard this creature deafening cry during the night, you may be mistaken to think a wolf was right behind you. Definitely, you would not want to hear it creep up behind you howling in a forest, though if it did you may be forgiven for breaking down into nervous laughter. Because this is no wolf, it is actually just a mouse! The howling mouse, that cries out to the moon just like the wolf. And actually it has a pretty nasty bite also, some compare its bite to a tiger.

Its howl is a high pitched whistle that echoes across the desert night, the grasshopper mouse stands on its little legs and throws itself into its battle cry. Before crunching into its prey. They are known as the most carnivorous of all the rodents, they prefer meat over grain any day of the week.

Chasing down insects, lizards, and other mice as they run around their territory, protecting it fiercely. And if this has not scared you enough yet, the grasshopper mouse is armed with an extremely powerful bite to assist it clamping down on its prey. With razor sharp teeth, to cut through their flesh it sounds like a creature straight out of a nightmare and not something you would find actually walking around the desert.

Some scientists see them as the tiny tigers of the rodent world. They tend to always be on the move, as most predator mammals are and never stay in one place for too long. In fact, they don’t even build their own burrows, preferring to take one from another rodent. What is the howling for then?

Researchers believe it is either to announce their territory for hunting purposes or either a courtship ritual for attracting mates. One thing is for sure though, they also howl when caught in a trap as many researchers have noted. Either way, it is a pretty scary howl!

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