The World’s Most Dangerous and Unexplored Sites

Nahanni National Park, Canada

Nahanni National Park is known by a different name – The Valley of Headless Men. It is extremely remote and is accessible only by boat and plane. The native people of Nahanni refused to settle in the valley because they believed that evil and dangerous spirits lived there.

Perhaps they knew something – in the 1800s, when Europeans began to settle the area to search for gold, the area became known for its mysterious disappearances and beheadings. In 1908, two brothers ventured too far into the valley and their bodies were later found beheaded.

Over the years, the legend would build as people would either end up beheaded or simply vanish. There were a reported 44 instances of vanishings in the valley before 1969. Today, the area is largely unexplored (even though it is a national park) because of the dangers associated with the area.
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