The Most Haunted Island In The World

Samuel Reason | December 13th, 2018

Poveglia in Italy is considered to be one of the most haunted places in the world. The government has deemed it so strange it is illegal to go onto this Italian island and it sits empty, forgotten by the world. A small island between Lido and Venice it is part of the Venetian lagoon in Northern Italy.

First appearing in historical records in 421, it was inhabited much like any of the islands around Venice until 1379 where it was reported the island was completed abandoned due to warfare and the residents growing fear for their safety. Poveglia then jumps back into the history books in 1776 and this is where the strange paranormal reports start to appear. The island was used as a quarantine zone for everyone suffering from the plague, essentially the island became one big death bed for everyone with the disease. Estimates put the deaths in the range of 100,000, there certainly is evidence of several plague pits on the island.

A hospice was set up but as you can imagine with everyone in such close proximity suffering from the Black Death, it was not long before the whole island’s population perished. Yet the authorities continued to operate it as a quarantine station, sending anyone with a strange disease to the island for over 100 years. This led to numerous legends of terminally ill Venetians waiting to die and then returning to haunt the island.

The island was also used as a mental hospital and in 1922, stories surfaced of a doctor performing crude lobotomies and experiments on the patients. The doctor later claimed to have been driven mad by ghosts and ended up throwing himself off one of the towers. It was then closed in 1968 and the island has remained abandoned since that time.

Since then it has been featured in numerous paranormal activity shows such as Ghost Adventures or Scariest Places on Earth.

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