The Micro-particles That Allow You To Live Without Breathing

Samuel Reason - May 18th, 2019

Scientists at the Boston Children’s Hospital have made a medical breakthrough that may enable people to stay underwater for over twenty minutes or more. This is the type of medical breakthrough that could reshape the whole world of surfing. Surfers would be much safer knowing that if they run into difficulty they would be able to survive underwater for over 20 minutes.

The team has actually invented a micro-particle that once you inject into your bloodstream is able to continually and quickly provide the user with oxygenated blood. This means that the person can be kept alive without breathing for up to thirty minutes, even without taking a single breath.

This groundbreaking invention came about when Dr. John Kheir became inspired while studying cases of extreme pneumonia. One of his patients went into cardiac arrest because there was just so much blood in her lungs it was stopping her from breathing. This caused her to be unable to breathe for over twenty-five minutes: which led to severe brain damage.

These micro-particles can stop patients from suffering the same fate, they are extremely small between two and four micrometers in length. However, the main difference is that they over four times the amount of oxygen content compared to the original regular red blood cells. Which allows a surfer, for example, to stay underwater for over twenty minutes.

But the really cool part is it could help people who had been under too long or without oxygen for too long. If these injections are made available in hospitals and ambulances, patients can be saved by directly restoring their oxygen levels back to normal almost immediately.

This means that doctors could instantly save the patient from an eventual heart attack or even life-threatening brain damage. Although it may sound like some sort of science fiction movie where people can suddenly breathe underwater with some sort of magical air in a bottle. The reality is this new invention is pushing the boundaries of how we breathe underwater and providing new safety measures for the dangers of surfing.

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