The Matrix Is Just A Sushi Recipe

Samuel Reason | October 5th, 2018

If you have seen the Matrix film trilogy then one thing will be ironed into your mind, even if you did not particularly like the series, the green code that flows down the screen. The way that Neo is able to see the Matrix for what it is, just computer code for a simulation. And it definitely looks very cool, unless you are Japanese, then it may look quite funny.

The lead production designer has recently revealed how he put together all the scrambled green code to make it fit in with the movie theme and mood so well. And the actual origins of the code may come as a big surprise, it is not any program computer code taken from some manual. In fact, the green code flowing down the screen has become so famous that many fans now refer to it as the green rain.

And when you think that the first movies acclaimed success earned over half a billion worldwide and started a whole decade of cross-promotion: video games, comics, animated series, and even clothing. You would have thought every prop and design aspect of the movie would have been truly well thought out. Well in the case of your loved green luminous code, the original is actually inspired by the designer’s Japanese wife’s cookbook.

In fact, the code is a recipe for some delicious sushi, imagine you are at a riveting moment of the film and then a sushi recipe streams down over the scene. Definitely could become quite an anticlimax if you understand the Japanese symbols and as a result, start reading the recipe.

Without the code, then the matrix film really is not the same, so the designer was able to scan page after page from his wife’s cookbook and then manipulate the symbols a little to create that green rain effect we have come so used to seeing. So there you have it, the feature of the film that made it such a success, is simply a recipe.

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