The Massive Diamond Floating Around Space

Next time you need to impress your wife or girlfriend, you can not go wrong with the oldest gift in the book: a lovely little diamond. Though if you really want to impress, you might want to consider going big and by big we mean the galaxy’s largest diamond. That ought to impress anyone, right? Though I hope your name is Bill Gates because this diamond is massive, we are talking 10 billion trillion trillion carats. The cost would be impossible to estimate, but we can say it would be astronomical.

Travis Metcalfe from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center let the team of astronomers and researchers who were able to discover this beautiful diamond in 2003. He later claimed that if anyone wanted to check this giant gem’s clarity then they would need instruments the size of the sun.

The cosmic diamond is a massive chunk of crystallized carbon that is located in the constellation of Centaurus, which is about 50 light years away from the Earth. Researchers believe it is about 2,500 miles across and would weigh over 5 million trillion trillion pounds. Metcalfe likes to refer to this beauty in the sky as the “Mother of all diamonds.” When a jeweler was asked to try and guess the value of the diamond, it was concluded that such a large diamond may actually decrease the prices in the market due to it being so big!

BPM 37093 as the diamond is technically known as is actually a crystallized white dwarf. A white dwarf is what is left of a star, the hot core, all that is left when a star uses up its nuclear fuel and dies. For many decades, astronomers believed that the interiors of white dwarfs become crystallized, but now with finding direct evidence, it is clear that this is indeed the case.

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