The Man Who Ate An Entire Airplane And 18 Bicycles

Samuel Reason | August 30th, 2018

Michel Lotito or as most people like to call him “Mr. Eats All” has a fascinating Guinness world record. As his name suggests he is known for eating anything, and over his lifetime he is thought to have consumed over nine tons of metal.

The Frenchmen actually had a medical condition known as Pica, which meant that his body actually wanted to eat things like dirt, glass and heaps of metal: he couldn’t stop himself. But how in the world can anyone eat these sort of things? Well, the obvious answer is they cant. Most people who suffer from this condition end up dying due to complications like blocked intestines, lead poisoning, and other problems. Michel somehow was lucky and kept going, he always claimed that his stomach had a thicker lining than the norm.

And he didn’t just chomp into an Airplane directly, Michel liked to be smart about it. Breaking down the metal into small pieces and then he would be sure to eat with lots of glasses of water. He would even mix in liters after liters of mineral oil to make sure those pieces of metal could slither safely through his digestive system.

Not only was his eating method safer, he would also keep himself to strict limits per day: it took him two years to eat a whole Cessna airplane. That being said over his whole life he still ate a huge amount of metal: 18 bicycles, 15 shopping carts, 8 chandeliers and 7 televisions. Not to mention the whole airplane, a computer, and two beds.

Pica is actually a psychological disorder which creates an appetite for things that are pretty much non-nutritive, things like hair, paint or stones and of course, metal. Commonly it starts at an early age which then causes the person to develop inappropriately, leading them to believe it is normal.

Michel by following his careful rules was able to live his life and die of natural causes in 2007, something that is pretty amazing considering all the metal he ate.

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