The Magical Berry That Tricks Your Taste Buds

A party trick or a miracle berry? That may be the question you ask if you ever meet this little fruit that is able to change how your taste buds function. The mystical fruit causes your tongues’ palate to be completely changed and rewires all your sense of taste.

A drizzle of Tabasco sauce suddenly becomes a glazed doughnut or a lemon become so sweet you may think they are candy. This is the new craze taking the rooftop party scene in Long Island, people refer to it as flavor tripping parties. A $15 entrance fee will let you in and find yourself with one of these single magical berries.

All you do is pop it in your mouth and swirl it around in your mouth a bit after scraping off the pulp from the seed. Once that has been done, your taste has effectively gone crazy. Cheap tequila will suddenly taste the same as the top of the shelf Patrón. Synsepalum dulcificum is the miracle fruits name and it is local to the West Africa, known to Westerners since the 18th century.

The cause is due to a reaction that happens when you eat a certain protein called miraculin which acts as a sweetness creator when it comes in contact with different acids. In the 1970s the Food and Drug Administration banned any hopes of the fruit being used as a commercial sweetener, so as a result, the little fruit has acquired a cult following.

Though they have a certain love and many people are eager to taste the magical fruit, unfortunately, they perish very quickly which means one fruit costs about $2. This probably means we will not be seeing any mystical magic cocktails at any bar soon. The fruits are available from specialist suppliers who offer them to specialist chefs. One man called Curtis Mozie sells thousands of the berries each year by growing them locally. He claimed one of his favorite things to do is to eat oysters like bubble gum after having a berry!

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