The Legend Of The Barefoot Bandit

Samuel Reason - July 25th, 2019

Known as the barefoot burglar or the barefoot bandit, Colton Harris Moore was a notorious thief that stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in property in the Camano Island area. More importantly, he even progressed into stealing airplanes and boats, which he used to island-hop around the area and continue on his crime spree. But the crazy part was that everything he did was self-taught and most of his crimes were all committed before the age of 19.

From the age of seven Moore had started to live in the wild, usually breaking into the abundance of vacation homes in the area. He would steal blankets, food, and water before vanishing into the forest for days. By the age of 13, he did have three convictions for stolen property, and he had also been diagnosed for depression and having the intermittent explosive disorder. After his dad walked out and his stepfather died, he pretty much stopped being a regular kid, and did not go to school. Choosing to follow a different path growing up in the wild, undoubtedly, one of the reasons why he was so good at eluding the police.

The police spend hundreds of valuable resources and time trying to track him down in the wild. Many times they would stumble upon his camps, sometimes they were just on his tail, but they never were able to catch him. He is suspected of being responsible for over 100 thefts in Washington, Idaho, and Canada. This included bicycles, automobiles, light aircraft, and speedboats; it is thought he learned how to fly by using simulators and watching How to fly small airplane DVDs.

He was finally caught when he decided to flee the country, it seems the fugitive status was starting to be hard to handle, with the FBI putting him on a most-wanted list and multiple rewards for his capture. Moore then proceeded to become a folklore hero by stealing a Cessna plane in Indiana and flying it over to the Bahamas Islands. His plan was apparently to make his way to Cuba and then on to the Turks and Caicos Islands. This is where the law finally caught up to him when the police shot out the engine of a powerboat he had stolen.

This led to him being extradited to the United States and sentenced to seven years in prison, there have now been several documentaries on his criminal activities.

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