The Largest Octopus In The World Has 3 Hearts

The giant Pacific octopus is found in the northern Pacific Ocean off the United States up to Alaska and even around Japan. It is the largest of the octopus species and has been found weighing up to 300 pounds, but one of the crazy facts about it is that it has three whole hearts. And they are extremely intelligent having been found opening up jars or even mocking other species by mimicking them.

Oh, and did we mention they have nine brains? One central brain to control their nervous system and then a small brain for each tentacle. So every arm movement is actually controlled by its own brain. The reason they have three hearts is that two of them are solely for pumping blood to their gills, and then the last one is responsible for circulating their blood around the rest of their body.

Their blood is actually very interesting also, being blue due to a copper-rich protein. They need this protein because of the cold ocean they live in, it helps keep oxygen transporting around, without it, they would not be able to survive in the deep oceans.

You can normally recognize them by their reddish-pink color, but don’t be fooled they are able to camouflage into their surroundings. A special skin pigment which can mimic the colors of rocks allowing, the giant Pacific octopus to hide in the corals. Normally they prefer to hide and stay safe, but if threatened then out will come a large cloud of ink. A black ink which is highly dangerous due to the toxins it contains.

Their population is unknown due to their reproductive cycle which causes the death of the mother octopus. The female will lay up to 74,000 eggs in a deep den or cave, and protect them for seven months without even venturing out for food. Due to this behavior, the female dies shortly after the young hatch and therefore researchers really do not know how many exist today.

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