The Key To Smelly Armpits Is Found In Your Ears

Evidence has been put forth by scientists who have located the gene that decides how bad your armpits will smell. Something to check before you waste all that money on a premium deodorant. It appears that one gene in the human body is responsible for deciding how sweat comes out of our pores and if it will attract a smelly bacteria.

Research from the Journal Of Investigative Dermatology suggests that people do not need to actually spend so much money on deodorants, that may be exposing their body to harmful chemicals. Though there are very few human traits that are determined by one gene, there are a couple of diseases that cause this, but for the most part, inheriting traits from our parents is much more complicated than one gene being passed down.

There is, however, one trait that is known to be determined by just one gene: earwax type. Europeans, for the most part, have very wet earwax because they have a copy of the wet earwax gene know as ABCC11, however, in Asia, for example, most people have two copies of the gene which cause it to be a very dry earwax.

This gene, however, does not just determine our earwax type, it holds the blueprints for how our body will transport sweat out of our pores and into our armpits. If you have a wet sweat then you will attract a lot more bacteria that causes the bad body odor. If you are one of the lucky ones that have “dry earwax” then you will not produce this protein. This means that your sweat will not attract bacteria and probably remain odorless.

It is an easy difference to see if you ever travel into a Japanese supermarket, for example, they may just have one small aisle for different deodorant types. Whereas in the western hemisphere you will find many aisles dedicated to different brands of deodorant. So next time you are out shopping, make sure you check your earwax before making a purchase.

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